Supporting academic excellence with a well-rounded programme. DYPIS encourages every student to engage in a rich and diverse student life. From Playgroup to Grade 12, our school supports a comprehensive range of academic, extracurricular, sports, field trip, community service, and art programmes that aim to stimulate as well as inspire student participation. porting academic excellence with a well-rounded programme

The Holistic approach

In creating a learning atmosphere that nurtures a child’s talents, DYPIS offers a variety of co-curricular activities:

  • Sports Programmes
  • Arts
  • Clubs and Activities

1 Sports Programmes

The school aims to develop control, co-ordination and mastery of the body, learnt through action, sensation and observation. Opportunities are provided to grow and develop through dance, athletics, games and indoor, outdoor and adventurous activities.

2 Arts

  • Art and Design

The children are encouraged to be spontaneously creative, using a variety of media and techniques in art and craftwork. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings. The study of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers complements this work.

  • Music

The teaching of music is based upon the fact that it is a creative and social art to be enjoyed. Children have the opportunity to enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, movement and dance

  • Drama

This subject is used across the curriculum, to stimulate interest and to develop understanding and empathy in a variety of situations. Drama is a useful and versatile tool in the development of language and in building confidence. School plays and productions, allow the children to gain a sense of audience for the skills they have acquired.


3 Clubs and activities

    1.      Tech-animation Club: Film animation technology has come a long way since the early days of hand-drawn cartoons. The students in this activity will be introduced with the techniques used by animators to bring characters to life. In order for this technology to reach its full potential, a key starting point still needs to be the animator's natural creative ability and learnt skill.

     2.      Maker's ClubThis is an ever-evolving world. We all feel it. That which was extraordinary yesterday is mundane today and stale tomorrow. The students in this club will learn to identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and present the solution in the form of innovative projects. The interested members will be informed, in due time, to procure materials needed for the same.

     3.      Dance Club: This activity is fun-filled and full of energy where dancers work together to synchronize each movement in perfect alignment. It is known for its unique, athletic style and is enjoyed socially and competitively worldwide. This activity will have students learning different dance styles like Ball-room dance forms(Waltz and Jive), Bboying, Bgirling and Hip-hop. Students enrolling for this activity would need to carry with them prescribed outfit and shoes. The details would be shared with interested students.

     4.      Eco ClubThe primary mission of the Eco Club is to motivate and sensitize the students to keep their surroundings green and clean and also to educate them to create awareness amongst public and gather information on bio-diversity. The students are also exposed to field activities such as Nature Trails, Quiz and poster competitions etc. so as to create enthusiasm regarding issues pertaining to Plants/Forest/Wildlife/Bio-diversity and Nature.

     5.      Cooking without fire Club: This club introduces some refreshing ideas to cook up some fun and adventure in the kitchen without using fire. The ingredients needed will be shared with the interested and enterprising members every time a dish has to be prepared.

     6.      Fitness enhancement Club: Everybody needs encouragement to stay fit and healthy. Moreover physical activity and fitness strongly correlate to child and adolescent health. Hence the members of this club will stress on physical exercises to promote a cohesive, fun environment because they believe, their bodies should feel right to make their minds work right.

     7.      Music Club: This club is to provide an inclusive platform and community for budding musicians to meet, collaborate, and perform. The members are expected  to facilitate the exchange of musical ideas, appreciation of music and to encourage musical development.

     8.      Poetic Society: The skill of writing poems in a particular language or form is a natural gift or it may be acquired ability by which a poet deals with the reality of life and represents universal facts. This club provides a gateway for emerging poets and writers to showcase their talent in this field.

     9.      Art/Photography: These are useful skills that boosts the students' self-esteem. The members of this club will thus be encouraged to develop visual literacy planning and presentation skills and also display their potential through creativity.

     10.  Public Speaking Club: Become the speaker and the leader you want to be is the motto of this club. Public speaking is a skill that is best learned by doing. This club aims to help you cultivate the ability to think on your feet and feel comfortable being in the spotlight.